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The Innovation Decision Making Framework for CEOs

The challenge? Remaining well connected to the market in tomorrow’s landscape. The solution? Innovation.

It seems so easy, doesn’t it? But as many CEOs have discovered the hard way, innovation isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. And that’s because there’s no one single way to innovate. There are so many ideas, and so many ways to generate them, too. 

Smart innovation begins with understanding the different options you have available and making the best decisions that drive you forward towards your development goals. And that’s something we know a little something about. Sign up to receive our free download to learn more about making the right choices

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The Innovation Decision Making Framework for CEOs

This framework acts as the CEO roadmap for innovation success, introducing the various ways to diversify your business, and how to evaluate your options effectively. 

It covers the 6 essential elements that make up a solid innovation structure:

  1. Understanding the need for change
  2. Gathering relevant information
  3. Identifying your options
  1. Weighing up the pros and cons
  2. Justifying your plans
  3. Reviewing your choices

By working through the framework step-by-step, you’ll learn how to develop a strong, robust innovation strategy that’s rooted in the needs of your business and customers. 

You’ll discover how to…

Generate new ideas you may not have thought of before

Use the 3 lenses of innovation to identify the most promising solutions

Gain access to new perspectives and diverse skills to drive innovation

Save money (and time) by utilising alternatives to big costly consultancies

Make decisions that promote the importance of creativity in the workplace

Future-proof your organisation to support success today and tomorrow
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So if you don’t know how to make decisions that will transform you from a ‘we do things this way’ type of business to a ‘we could do things that way’ type of company, it’s definitely worth seeing how we can help you change. What have you got to lose? 

All you have to do is enter your name and email address to receive our free innovation decision making framework, and start making smarter, bolder, more strategic choices that will elevate your business and give you a competitive edge.

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